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AMSTERDAM - The beginning

In Amsterdam I start to develop the Camera Obscura technique….this work which I present here are the beginning of my career as a pinhole photographer.

This way of working was for me a “discovery” to a new photographic world. A world, were I could just with an metal rotten can create a “new reality” out of the existing. Curving (Distortion) lines of perspective and creating a movement with long exposure are the typic character of “Pin Hole” camera. Most of my works I did over RC colour paper, which I use also as negatives, that why the colours on the images are different. Because of not using film as negative I create “distortion” as well in the colours.

Finely after almost 40 years of experience with that way of working I’m publishing those works on my web-sit together with a lists of the images so each person who like an image could buy an original piece - hand made, sign and date by me in a very attractive prices.